Food Contact Packaging Food Safety and Quality Policies

Each Presto employee is responsible for food safety and quality.  This is accomplished by empowering employees to "do the right thing" for employee safety, food safety, quality and service to our customers and for the health of the business

 Presto's Vision

We will be the customer's most cost effective choice for quality and service.


The employees of Prest Products Company are committed to the highest standards of food safety and quality for their customers.

Food Safety Policy

Presto Products Company is committed to manufacture and deliver safe food packaging products which meet the quality, cost and service/delivery expectations of our customers.  Presto will meet this goal through the implementation of the food safety management system outlined in SQF Code Edition 7.  This process includes setting food safety objectives, implementing continual improvements, managing process control programs including HACCP, GMP, and full compliance to customer and governmental regulatory requirements.  Senior management is committed to providing the resources needed to achieve and maintain SQF Level 2 certification and will perform annual reviews of the entire food safety management system and food safety objectives for effectiveness and continual  improvement.

Quality Policy

We will manufacture and deliver legal, safe quality products to our customers according to agreed-upon requirements and meet or exceed those expectations at each opportunity.


We will accomplish these by:

  • Understanding our customers' expectations and regulatory requirements
  • Meeting or exceeding those expectations at each opportunity
  • Understanding and implementing a Food Safety Management system as outlined by SQF Code Edition 7.
  • Using the Management review system and proven quality tools to foster a continuous improvement atmosphere for food safety and quality.
  • Setting and accomplishing food safety objectives that deliver safe food contact products to the marketplace
  • Setting and accomplishing quality objectives that provide value to Presto's customers, Presto's owners, and Presto's employees.


We will work to achieve a safe, clean, team-centered, nonunion work environment where trust and respect guide our actions.

We will be good citizens, conducting all business and interactions in an ethical manner with the highest integrity.

Ethical Sourcing

Policy on Social Accountability and Ethical Treatment:

Presto Products is a division of Reynolds Consumer Products, Inc.

Reynolds Consumer Products Inc. promotes business practices and policies that show respect for the value of all human beings. It requires that its suppliers do so as well. All Reynolds and supplier locations shall provide a safe working environment to all employees, which includes proper training, appropriate equipment to safely perform the job, and a clean environment where safe behavior is emphasized.

All Reynolds Consumer Products and supplier locations shall also maintain conditions of employment where all workers are free to choose employment, where there is no forced, bonded, or involuntary labor, and where there is no use of child labor. There shall be no discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on age, gender, race, color, caste, national origin, disability, religion or veteran status.

Regardless of culture, community, or country, Reynolds Consumer Products will not use any supplier that is involved in or associated with human trafficking, bonded labor, involuntary servitude, use of child labor or sexual slavery. Reynolds Consumer Products maintains a diligent supplier control program specifically evaluating its suppliers and validating their compliance with these standards. In the event any supplier audit finds evidence that the supplier is in violation of Reynolds Consumer Products Social Accountability and Ethical Treatment
Policy, the supplier relationship will be terminated or suspended until such time as the supplier
comes into full compliance.

Should you discover that that this policy is in violation, we ask you to report it to us immediately by using our Contact Us form.